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In order to register with KOFE, you must be affiliated with KOFE - Enrichment FCU.

Enrichment Federal Credit Union has teamed with KOFE (Knowledge of Financial Education) in order to provide you with budgeting tools and financial guidance that is needed to live a financially secure lifestyle. It is the Credit Union’s goal to educate, motivate and empower you while giving you the tools to refrain from overspending, abusing credit cards, and help encourage you to save and invest.

KOFE brings you online tools and resources to help you stay financially fit. The portal has topics such as saving for college, retirement planning, buying a house and much more. It contains interactive courses, webinars and videos to give you the tools needed to make wise financial decisions. KOFE also offers one on one coaching that can help you feel more confident in your decisions and will help you reach the financial goals you have for you and your family. Click on the registration tab and begin today!