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Financial Literacy is vital to financial success. Without a good foundation of knowledge in personal finance it can be very difficult to maintain stability and move forward. How much practical knowledge do you really have? Are you putting your know-how in effect each day to reach your financial goals? You need a way to easily identify gaps in your understanding so you can seek out the resources you need to get educated. Below are some tools to help you gauge your level of knowledge and become actionable to continue to progress.

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Financial Literacy EvaluationFinancial Literacy Evaluation:

This 18 question financial literacy test is designed to help you measure your basic financial knowledge.

Financial Literacy Evaluation

Financial Literacy 30 Day ChecklistFinancial Literacy 30 Day Checklist:

The checklist is based on the eight key areas of financial understanding. Each key area is broken into three specific actions you can take to make sure your financial life is up to speed in that area of interest. You have a few days allocated to focus on each area so you can end the month in a better place financially.

Whether you use this plan during the month of April, or anytime you need a little brush-up on your finances, we hope this checklist will help you get where you need to be. Also, keep in mind that the tips below are most effective if you’re starting from a point of relative financial stability.

If you’re already struggling, you may need to overcome your current challenges before you can follow the strategy outlined above. Call us at 844-311-2635 to speak confidentially with a Financial Coach for free.

Financial Word of the DayFinancial Word of the Day:

Challenge yourself to learn a new financial term each day in Financial Literacy month. The information will prove relevant throughout the year!